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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finance Assignment help with

Help With Assignment is an online tutoring and assignment help company established to better serve students from K-12, College and University. Our services include online tutoring, assignment help, homework help, dissertation help and thesis help.

Our subject coverage is vast with subjects ranging from Accounts, Finance, Statistics, Operations Management, Economics, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Marketing, Supply Chain, C++/Java programming, IT, Human Resources (HR), Strategy, Science, Engineering, Literature, Nursing, Sociology, Philosophy and Linguistics amongst others.
One of the important subjects that we deal with is Finance. Finance is full of problems and as you know it is not so easy to deal with problems in Finance. It needs an expert’s hand to solve those problems.

Basic Finance Assignment Help, Basic Finance Homework Help Topics covered:
• Time Value of Money
o Present Value (PV)
o Future Value (FV)
o Net Present Value (NPV)
o Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
o Present Value Perpetuity
o Present Value Annuity
o Profitability Index (PI)
Risk & Return, Financial Statement Analysis, Cost of Capital, Bond Valuation, Stock Valuation, Dividend Policy.

Advanced Finance Assignment Help, Advanced Finance Homework Help Topics covered:
Corporate Finance, Basics of Capital Budgeting, Capital Structure, CAPM Model, MM Model, Perfect Markets
• Derivatives such as:
• Options and Futures,
• Forwards,
• Swaps,
• Currency options and
• futures,
• Hedging Strategies,
• Portfolio Management,
• Fixed Income,
Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity and Venture Capital

These topics are little challenging in terms of understanding and problem solving. But, with the help of experts one can easily understand the subject and successfully solve the problems. It requires a constant practice. And the Help With provides the means to understand these kind of topics and gives students an opportunity to practice and test their skill, by conducting online sessions and providing assignment and homework help.

The tutors at are highly qualified tutors with their Masters and PhDs from the Ivy League. They are full-time professionals and part-time tutors who want to impart their knowledge to those who are in need.

We provide these services at the fraction of the cost of others.

If anyone wants help in finance subject, please visit our website and tell us what you want and give us a deadline so that we will know on what date should the work be delivered and also mention us about the references that you need, what books should be followed. This way you can customize your work so that we are given only the core job of writing the assignment or dissertation.

And in order to differentiate genuine orders from fake, we would like to inform that as soon as we receive an order, if the payment is made simultaneously, then we can go ahead and start the work. Otherwise, all our effort might go in vain. So, please pay us along with the request.

So, if you want any help in finance, just reach us at


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