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Sunday, July 18, 2010

How to choose a dissertation topic?

It is crucial to choose the apt topic for your dissertation. There could be many topics and be very sure that one topic will not come to you flying. How have to make a choice. It is you who are going to choose the topic.

And choosing a topic is not so easy as it might sound. Choose a topic which you think is relevent. Don’t choose a topic which is the most popular topic. As it is already a popular topic many students will go for it.
Instead choose a topic which not choosen by many people. This makes your topic unique. Even if you are choosing the popular topic, if you are sure to have a good command over the subject, then only, you choose the topic. Otherwise, that will make your topic, ‘just another topic’. Offer something new from your topic.
Choose a topic which you think can help you further in your academic life. If you want to study further like Masters Program or a Doctoral Program, then choose a topic that can help you in your academics.

Ask those who have done their Masters or PhDs in the same or similar fields, they can suggest you a good topic. Don’t forget to ask your professor. Your professor can be the first choice to suggest you a good topic for your dissertation.
Choose the topic which interests you. Choosing an interestng topic will increase an interest in the subject, because you don’t want to regret after choosing a topic.

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