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Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer tips for college students

Summer time is here and most students can be seen making plans or already have made plans to spend their summer break. Some students could plan about going on a fun trip, while others might just plan to spend the time preparing for the coming academic year, while others might want to go to their parents’ place for a change. In any case, the idea of most students is that summer time shouldn’t be idled off. Nevertheless, the idea of not to idle away summer time is good, but how you want to spend the summer time is the question.

Well, here are some tips for students on how to spend their summer break.

Fun trips can be pretty expensive: The brighter side of fun trip with friends is that you get to go to new places and experience many new things. But the downside is that fun trips can be pretty expensive, especially for students who are on a tight budget. So, if you’re planning to go somewhere, just for a change, try going to your parents’ place. One bright side is that your parents and your siblings will be happy to see you and you could be relieved of spending money and have a chance to save some. After all, you’re visiting your family, right?

Look for a summer-time job: A summer break can last from one or one and a half months to two months. During this time, you could opt for a part-time job. You can earn some money which will be useful in the coming months. You can, with little persuasion find a job near your place. Be it working in a store, or in a small office, work as a salesman, etc. You could do it. Leaving the money part, the experience that you can gain can last for a life-time.

Start your own business: Remember the saying, “if you’re good at something, then don’t do it for free”. If you are really good at something like a skilled and passionate musician, a good singer, good workmanship, good at selling things, good programming skills, one who can impart knowledge, etc.  Then perhaps, you could start your own business. You don’t need a formal office setup, you could manage from your garage or from your dorm room. Even the investment required will be very small. If you want to make cash from your skills, then the investment can also be negligible. 

Follow an interest: Every person has one or more interests in life which keep intriguing him or her. If you have such interests, then perhaps, this is the time to start pursuing your interests. Whether learning music or arts, or theatre, sports, etc. you could give your best shot. 

Volunteer for a cause: Volunteering for services can also be a very good way to spend summer break time. Serving for a cause can be a great thing and it can give you lot of satisfaction, an emotion which obviously money can’t buy. There could be many such community service providers who are waiting for volunteer help and they’ll be happy to take your services.

Read some good books: Reading is perhaps one of the best addictions, as they say. It’s a good thing that you spend your time and money on this habit, instead of wasting time on video games. A good book is the best companion, that you could ever think of. Take up the habit of reading.

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