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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Essential Components of a Thesis Proposal

Essential Components of a Thesis Proposal
A Thesis proposal is a document that a student needs to prepare in order get the permission to write his or her thesis. A thesis is usually the last document that a student will prepare in order to graduate. The thesis is a huge undertaking that takes many students months to complete. Therefore, the Thesis proposal is the first step in beginning the thesis.

The proposal is first verified by the student’s mentor. He is suggested of any changes that have to be done and given a feedback on the topic being chosen and actually beginning with the work of the thesis. If there are any changes to be made in the Thesis Proposal, the student has to re-submit the Proposal. So, the student must pay careful attention for making the best Thesis Proposal in the first time. It is a “trump card”, but has to be taken out at the right time and not in the eleventh hour.

The Thesis proposal must include the subject or the topic being chosen for the purpose of research. This section must include the background of the subject. The reasons for choosing the subject and the expected result from the research must be included in the thesis proposal shall follow in the next section.

The next section should contain the pre-research or the background research done by the student and the facts that were uncovered during the study. For ex: if a Paleontology student finds some evidence of a prehistoric creature in sample fossils, then he or she shall formally take the permission to investigate further about that creature.

Then, finally it’s about concluding the Thesis Proposal. This is the part where the student shall write about the importance of the research and the potential benefits of the research.

A Thesis proposal is similar to many other academic writings. But, it is much more intensive as it involves a deeper insight into the subject and this will lead to a research so, the student must pay attention to little details. That is true for the bibliography as well because some of the technical aspects relating to the subject will be scrutinized by the Committee. The bibliography shall be clear and concise and shall follow proper formatting styles for that purpose.

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Linda said...

can you explain the components through an example?

surya said...

Ok, it's like this, someone wants to prove something like, viability of say, on alternative sources of energy. And he in the first place has to write a thesis proposal stating the need to take up the study, the possible benefits that can reap from the research, etc. So, in order to do so, the researcher is asking for a permission from the Board seeking its permission to explore the concept, to take it one step further. Now, in the thesis proposal paper, he should write about the background of the subject, the preliminary research that the student has done, the need to take up the study on a bigger scale and the possible benefits that can be reaped through the research,etc all these things are discussed. So,basically, a thesis proposal is like a ride into the future showing the potentials of the research and the results, even though the student hadn't found any. The thesis proposal in a way can tell the Board, the interest and the inclination towards the subject the student has and on top of it, it will show how confident and comfortable he/ she is in taking the study. I hope this clears your doubt. If any please post them.