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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Help With Assignment - How to Choose a Thesis Topic

Help With Assignment - How to Choose a Thesis Topic
This seems like the toughest decision. While choosing a topic for the Thesis many people are in turmoil. Only a few lucky people know what to choose from an early stage. They note all the tips and ideas for the future research related to that topic.

Writing a thesis is an opportunity that should not be missed. It is the opportunity that is given to display one’s skills and mastery over the subject and the field of study in which one invests many years. Many students find coming up with a topic for the thesis as a daunting task.

Thesis Topic Criteria
These are the things that have to be kept in mind while choosing a topic for the Thesis.

• The topic must interest the researcher: The researcher has to keep in mind that the topic which he or she chooses must of interest to the person himself. An interesting topic will always bring the enthusiasm and intuition to work on the topic.

• The topic must be unique: Choose a topic that is unique and never been done before. The uniqueness of the topic is the key to success. Generally, people follow paths that are mostly taken, people don’t like to take new paths to avoid risks, but, when it comes to thesis, people who take new paths are encouraged. They are treated as pioneers and “one who walks a new path”.

• Choose the topic in which you are an expert: This is an important point. To choose a topic, in which you are an expert, makes your work and research a bit easier. This reduces your effort to some extent and gives you some time so that you can research deep into the subject and get the best results. For ex: if a science researcher is interested in electronics and is an expert in electricity, then choosing electricity can provide him with extra time as the person knows the subject thoroughly.

• A topic that will be helpful in building the career must be chosen: A researcher must choose a topic which can build his or her career. If the researcher wants a career in the teaching field, then if his topic is more related to the field of academics, its better. And if the researcher wants to pursue a career in the industry, then if his topic is related to the industry then it is better. For ex: if a researcher wants to research in the field of energy and power, then his topic should be more or less industry oriented, as the energy and power industry today wants new ideas to produce cost effective source of power, safe/ green and sustainable power.

• Take the advice of your mentor: Taking an advice of your mentor is a good way to avoid problems. Your mentors will definitely help you. First of all, ask your mentor for the topic to be chosen, take their advice and do what you want to do. Before taking a decision, assess your skills, strengths and weaknesses. This reconciliation will help you to choose the topic that suits you best. Don’t choose a topic on the basis of popularity, but choose a topic based on the above mentioned things.

With the above ideas, we hope to reduce the effort of choosing a thesis topic to some extent, if not completely. We hope the ideas will be of help.

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Anonymous said...

This piece is very nicely written...why don't you tell us more around writing a proposal for dissertations

Andrew said...

Do you conduct consultation sessions for choosing a topic as I need help, m too confused with dissertation

Alex said...

are there any videos by experts on this that you can recommend.?

Mentis said...

This is a very useful article in my opinion for all grappling with a choice of their thesis topic. While I agree with most of this, according to me the most important factor in deciding is whether the topic is exciting enough or challenging enough to keep you interested for the next 3-4 years you might spend on the topic!

Laurelle said...

@ Andrew : We do help students in deciding their topic. You can reach us at

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Laurelle said...

@Alex: for videos you can subscribe to our Channel on youtube

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I need help my masters thesis. I am from London. Can you guys help??

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@techie geek: Surely we can help you in deciding the thesis topic and guide you in writing the entire thesis. Please feel free to mail us at

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